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Daughter of Death
My name is Hana, I'm a pagan witch currently residing in the south of Brazil.

I was meant to be in bed four hours ago, but instead I’m setting up a blog for the translation of english information on paganism into portuguese. While I’m doing that, I decided to post some pictures from the night of the full moon. Instead of a normal full moon ritual, I took the night to perform a special ceremony for Ammon. The closest thing I can call it is a “welcome” ceremony, to receive him into my house and room.

I felt a very strong presence during the ritual, it was almost as if the air got heavier and hotter. I did end up slightly light-headed once I was done, from all the energy present then.

For this special occasion I re-modeled my altar. Most of the crystals went off, the cauldron and incense burners went off (aside from my coconut incense burner), and I brought in the bones. You can see some of the fish bones, Peter the Cormorant, my bone knife and, of course, Ammon standing proud there in the right corner.

Right now, Peter is with the fish and turtle bones on my earth and water altar, or at least that’s what I call it. Ammon sits on a velvety red and black cloth by my right, along with my cacti and fossiles, crystals, ducks, antiques and bottle collections, among other things I have on that bureau. Surprisingly, the red went quite well with the green and brown that prevails there.

Peter also had a little ceremony of his own, and soon I’ll work on cleaning the two turtle bones I was given. I also have to go down to the beach and see if there’s anyone else to bring home. I can say, though, that Ammon has a strong, imposing presence.

Four in the morning ramblings are over.